"She’s Ready to Pop" Again!

Eeeek! I’m so excited!
Do you remember my post back in April for the “She’s Ready to Pop” baby shower favors?
Well, I have gotten more comments and questions about these favors than all my posts put together! {Okay, a bit of an exaggeration, but I have had A LOT of inquiries.} I originally found these boxes at Hobby Lobby, but that was back in April. I have had so many people write me saying that they either do not have a Hobby Lobby or could not find them at their Hobby Lobby. I offered to buy the boxes an ship them, but my HL no longer carries them either. So I came up with a different solution. . .
I will make them and sell them in my shop!
{the shop is still in the works}
These I made for a small shower I had for my friend Rebecca. She is having a baby girl, but I didn’t want to use the typical pastel pinks. I decided to use a fun, more exciting theme of hot pink, black and white zebra. That’s the best news about this item. It can be customized to fit your party’s theme and decor!
That’s right, you tell me your colors and theme as well as any preferences you have for the favor boxes and I’ll ship them to you flat but assembled. All you have to do is pop the boxes into their upright position and fill them with your favorite popcorn snack.
I recommend my recipe for white chocolate popcorn. You can jazz it up by adding any extras you want to fit the color scheme. I used M&Ms in my first batch but this time I added chunks of pretzels.
These favors are a hit! They are cute and yummy and everyone loves them!
I hope to have my shop up and running soon. Until then, you can find more information about these boxes under my shop page.
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"Baby Girl" Pennant Burlap Wreath

Last week I showed y’all the cute and yummy Ready to Pop white chocolate popcorn favors that I made for my friend’s baby shower.  I was also in charge of the decorations for this party. Of course I made pink and blue tissue pom poms to match the paper products I had bought. They had a pre-made banner to match also, but me being me was up for the challenge of a DIY banner, of course! But then I got to thinking, “If I’m going to put the effort into making this thing, why not make something she can use again?” And so I decided to make a wreath instead. Then she could hang it on her door when the baby arrives. 
So I made my weekly trip to Hobbly Lobby and walked the entire store and came home with burlap, pink linen, a hay wreath, scrapbook paper, and ribbon.

This is what I did with it. . .

{The pennant says “baby girl.”}
I heart it! 
Here is how I did it. . .

I cut the burlap into strips about 2-3 inches thick.
I wrapped the burlap strips around the wreath using hot glue to secure the fabric on the back side of the wreath.  
I used my Cricut to cut two different size triangles and letters for the banner. {I used the Basic Shapes cartridge for the triangles and the Cuttin’ Up font cartridge.}
I layered the cut pieces {large ivory triangle, smaller print triangle then letters} and used  an adhesive pen to stick them together. These are my pennants which read “baby girl.”

I measured and cut two pieces of grosgrain ribbon slightly larger than the diameter of the wreath. I stretched the ribbons across the wreath and wrapped the excess ribbon around the backside. 
I secured the ribbons with hot glue on the back side of the wreath.

I then used a hot glue gun to attach the pennants to the ribbon.
Next I made some rosettes out of burlap and pink linen. I started by cutting the fabric into three inch strips. Then I twisted the fabric somewhat tightly and began wrapping around and around in a spiral fashion, securing with hot glue on the under side every other circle.

Here is a finished rosette. I tucked the end of the fabric on the back side and secured with hot glue. 

For the center of the burlap flowers, I rolled thin blue silk ribbon tightly and secured the end with hot glue.
I placed the flowers around the wreath and added some triangles from the scrapbook paper to mimic the pennants. 

And here it is! The baby girl pennant burlap wreath.

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How to Make a Tissue Pom Pom

What’s the newest trend in party decor? Tissue pom poms, of course! Even Martha Stewart has labelled these a “good thing.”
{photo courtesy Martha Stewart}


These pom poms make a big impact and are an inexpensive decoration for any party! The best part, they are so easy to make! I used the tutorial found on Martha’s site as I made mine. 
I found my tissue paper at Target. They have a really fun assortment of colors for $1.99 per pack. I’m sure your local dollar store has them for even less!
First you have to decide what size flowers you want. I wanted two different sizes so I cut the pink tissue in half and the blue in fourths.

After you’ve cut the paper to size, stack the paper evenly, one sheet atop another {as it is packaged}. You’ll want between six and eight sheets. Begin folding, back and forth, accordion-style. Once you have folded the tissue, secure  it in the middle using string or wire. If you use string, be sure to leave enough excess so that you can hang it.

Cut the ends of the tissue in the desired shape {round, angled, etc.} Then spread out the tissue so it looks like a fan. 

Beginning in the center, separate the layers of tissue paper, pulling them apart to “fluff” your flower.

Hang the pom poms at different lengths in a cluster or individually around the room.

Aren’t these FUN!

She’s Ready to Pop!

ready to pop baby shower popcorn favor box
While I was away at Creative Estates, my friends and I {even though I wasn’t actually present} hosted a baby shower for my dear friend, Cindi. Since I was going to be gone, I was in charge of items that could be bought and prepared ahead of time. One of my duties: the party favors.
Dun dun dun. . .
{horror sound effect}
Now, I am a creative person. But favors can be hard! I didn’t want to do the same old same old. So I had no idea what I was going to do, until one day I went to Hobby Lobby {What? Me? At HL, you say? I know, crazy!}. So anyway, I was at HL and saw these little favor boxes.
So cute! And they are shaped like movie popcorn boxes! But of course I wasn’t going to fill them with regular old buttered popcorn. . .
Instead, I made this:
Ready to Pop, White Chocolate Popcorn Mix!

Here’s how. . .

3 easy ingredients: popcorn, premier white chocolate morsels, M&Ms.
Melt one bag of white chocolate in microwave at 75% power for 3 minutes, stirring every 30 seconds, just until melted.
Add half of popcorn and one bag of candy to a large bowl.
 {Unless you have a REALLY large bowl, you’ll need to make the mix in two separate batches}
Pour a small amount of melted white chocolate over the popcorn and candy and stir.
Repeat several times until popcorn is generously coated in chocolate {about 2/3 of melted chocolate}. Be sure to save some to drizzle on top.
Pour popcorn mix on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper. Using a spoon drizzle remaining melted chocolate over popcorn.
Let the popcorn mix harden for about an hour and store in an air-tight container until ready to use.
Is you mouth watering yet?  This stuff is good! I was kind of sad to give it all away!

The favors:

Aren’t they darling?!
And delish!
Ready to Pop, White Chocolate Popcorn Mix!
3 bags microwave popcorn, popped
2 – 12 oz. packages premier white chocolate morsels
2 – 12.6 oz. bags chocolate coated candies (such as M&Ms)
Mix half of popcorn {1- 1/2 bags} and 1 bag of candy in a large bowl. Melt 1 bag white chocolate morsels in microwave at 75% power for 3 minutes, stirring every 30 seconds, until melted. CAREFUL NOT TO BURN!!! Pour a small amount of chocolate over popcorn and stir to coat. Continue adding chocolate, a little at a time, until popcorn mix is fully coated. You will use about 2/3 of the white chocolate.
Spread popcorn mixture on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper. Using a spoon, drizzle remaining white chocolate over popcorn. Allow to cool for 1 hour before breaking popcorn mix into large chunks.
Repeat with remaining popcorn, candy and white chocolate.
Yield: about 20 cups popcorn mix.
YES, you can order these for your shower now! Stop by either of my shops to place your “Ready to Pop” order now! don’t see what you want? I can create custom orders to match any theme or decor!